Mat Madurkathi Saras Aajeevika

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BENEFITS: Natural alternative to harmful plastic or synthetic fiber mat No bad odor or skin rashes Feels cool in summer and warm in winter Bio-degradable and environment friendly

CARE TIPS: Brush off the dust with a wet cloth DO NOT MACHINE-WASH Occasionally keep in sunlight for an hour or so to avoid fungus Use on a clean and plain surface

This mat is made of high-quality natural fiber, very durable and easy to maintain. Its natural smell will add up to your healthy life.

USE THIS MULTI PURPOSE CHATAI MAT FOR Madurkathi chatai mat for sitting and sleeping at home Foldable outdoor picnic mats Grab and Go Madurkathi Picnic Mat Home Bedroom Carpet Floor Mat Indoor chatai rugs Jute mats for sitting Multifold Kusha asana mat Original grass chatai mats Outdoor travel mats Portable Foldable Sleeping Mat School lunch mat Sitting mats for classroom sleeping mat for floor Toddler eating floor mat Use this mat when having meals while sitting on the floor

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Brand Name Saras Aajeevika
Dimensions 195x88x195
Weight 841 gm
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