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Saras Aajeevika presenting JUTE BOTTEL BAG WARLIART RED 14*5 made by New Laxmi SHG of Haryana. Jute work is a unique craft perfected by village artisans from Haryana who have mastered the art of weaving Jute and recycled fabric into lovely designs to create a wide range of beautiful home and personal accessories. These eco-friendly and stylish accessories are beautifully embellished with vibrant recycled fabric trimmings and colourful tassels. As they are naturally obtained they are easily disposed of in soil and release no toxins in the soil. A key reason that jute is a good material for making bags is its durable fibres, these make jute bags capable of carrying significant weight without being damaged or stretched. Product like laptop bags, sling bags, tote bags, lunch bags ae made from jute.
Warli folk paintings/art is close to the natural life as is reflected in the designs of flora, fauna, and celebrations. White pigment made from a mixture of rice flour and water mixed with gum, which is then applied using a bamboo stick chewed at one end to make a supple paint brush. Women used to paint their walls during the marriage to reflect on happiness and celebrations.

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Brand Name Saras Aajeevika
Color Red
Dimensions 14 x 5 x 12 cm
Weight 145 gm
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