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"Saras Aajeevika presenting Madurkathi HALF RUNNER MK ORANGE 18×41 IN made by Gholetungur Matribhumi SHG of West Bengal. 
In Bengal, the word madur is used as a generic term for floor mats, although it designates mats woven from a specific type of reed called madur kottir, or madurkathi, a sedge of the family Cyperaceae. Madur mat making are an integral part of rural Bengal. These mats are woven mainly by weavers of the Mahishya caste, and predominantly by women. 
SPECIAL FEATURES ARE :- EASY-TO-FOLD:   these mat are used for Sitting/ Sleeping/ Puja/ Meditation / Beach / Picnic / Yoga / Fitness Exercise etc.
These mats are portable, exclusive design that FITS IN CHECK IN BAGS ,easy to carry,non-conductive and sweat-absorbing, making them an essential household item for the whole family. These mats have long life, endurable, eco-friendly,comfortable and also used for religious purposes. These mats can be easily folds up to a compact size for transport and offer you great help no matter where you go.
The ekh-rokha madur is the simplest of the three types of mat (ekh-rokha, do-rokha, and masland). It is produced on a simple bamboo-frame loom, using cotton thread as the warp and single reeds as the weft. The du-rokha is more complex, with a double-reed weft, and requires greater skill to produce. 
The natural colouring of the reeds is used to weave geometric designs, creating a subtle pattern in the finished mat. Madurs are traditionally made using vegetable dyes only. Naturally sourced maroon or black vegetable dyes are used for further decoration of mat borders.
Before dyeing, mat sticks are tightly bound with palm leaves at the places where natural colour will be retained. The bundles are placed in containers filled with dye powder and cold water, which are then boiled. The dyed mat sticks are sun-dried before being used for weaving.
Care Instructions: Brush off or Clean with a wet cloth.

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Brand Name Saras Aajeevika
Color Black
Dimensions 90 x 5 x 174 cm
Weight 1130 gm
Material Grass
Craft Type Handlooms Home Furnishing
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